NBCgate wallet:

Best cryptocurrency wallet for business

  • Take full control of your finances, reports and analytics 24/7
  • Attract new perspective customers who are ready to pay with cryptocurrencies
  • Boost your sales. According to statistics, such customers spend an average of $250 more per transaction compared to others
  • Stay one step ahead of your competitors
  • wallet

    Get full control over your funds movement, reports and analytics 24/7

    • Generate transaction reports
    • Explore payment tool analytics with conversion rates, amounts, and efficiencies
    • Create and delete points of sale
    • Add and remove merchants, give them access rights
    • Manage all products in the NBCgate ecosystem
    Expand your capabilities
    Expand your capabilities in attracting new prospective customers who are willing to pay in cryptocurrency. Statistically, these customers spend on average $250 more per transaction than others.
    Stay one step ahead of the competition
    15.8% of progressive entrepreneurs already accept cryptopayments, scaling their sales. You, too, can join the ranks of progressive business owners using NBCgate products.

    Grow your business and gain a competitive edge

    Start receiving cryptopayments as soon as 24 hours after signing up
    Withdraw EUR or CZK to bank account or card
    So easy, you will be able to use Business Wallet right away, even if you never had any experience with crypto payments before
    Serve customers from all over the world

    More than a bank. Advanced financial solution

    Any Wallet
    We support 10+ crypto wallets including Metamask, Trust Wallet, Exodus, and Phantom
    Top Coins
    We accept BTC, ETH, XRP, SOL, DOGE and 50+ other top crypto coins
    Popular Platforms
    Available on different platforms: iOS, Android, Web
    Intuitive interface
    Interface developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

    No risks and restrictions

    No currency fluctuation risks
    Accept cryptopayments without worrying about exchange rate fluctuations thanks to secured steblecoins
    No extra time and effort
    No need to go to the bank anymore. Now your personal digital bank is always in your pocket - in your smartphone. And even more than just a bank. You'll have access to the most advanced financial solution.
    No coders needed.
    No need to hire a programmer with specialized skills to use our products

    Zero commission

    For account opening
    mobile app usage
    Providing detailed reports and analytics of your cash flow
    for service
    First crypto-payment 24 hours after registration
    Average transaction processing time 90 seconds
    50+ cryptocurrencies
    10+ crypto wallets

    Popular questions

    NBCgate Business Wallet is a multi-currency cryptowallet designed for businesses that allows you to manage cryptocurrencies - make transfers, accept payments, convert and buy coins.
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    NBCgate Business Wallet provides specialized tools for business and integration with other NBCgate products.
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    Business Wallet supports most popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Solana (Sol), Tezos and others.
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    With Business Wallet you can withdraw funds to your bank account in various fiat currencies such as dollars, euros, Czech crown and others.
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    NBCgate Business Wallet provides a high level of security using modern data encryption methods and measures to protect against unauthorized access.
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    Business Wallet provides tools to record finances, analyze data, and create reports for businesses. Also, Business Wallet is the foundation for all NBCgate payment products, storing funds collected from customers when using mPOS, PayLink, PayForm, Donations and other NBCgate solutions.
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    You can open a Business Wallet by registering on the NBCgate platform and following the instructions to create a wallet. To start using Business Wallet and other NBCgate payment products, you need to go through the KYB process. You can learn the details in the relevant section
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    You can view the history of all transactions in the "Balance Information" section on the NBCgate Business Wallet home screen.
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    Yes, NBCgate Business Wallet is available for use in many countries.
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    The use of our payment products is absolutely free of charge. Commissions are charged only for successful transactions, such as accepting payments from customers, transfers, cryptocurrency exchange, withdrawals.
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    Other questions

    The first priority of any successful business is to implement modern payment solutions and the key tool today is choosing the best cryptocurrency wallet for business. The basis for effective customer interaction is convenience and flexibility in accepting payments and in this aspect, cryptocurrency wallet comes forward as the best modern solution.

    How cryptocurrency wallets work

    A business cryptocurrency wallet is actually a virtual entrance into the world of digital currencies, allowing businesses to interact with customers on a new level. It functions as an electronic safe-deposit box where cryptocurrency assets are stored. The process of interacting with a cryptocurrency wallet is similar to traditional methods: the customer makes a payment, and the business receives notification of the transaction.

    The uniqueness of crypto wallets for businesses lies in their decentralized nature. Transactions are made directly between participants, bypassing intermediaries. This ensures transparency and reduces the cost of transaction handling.

    Criteria for choosing a wallet

    When choosing a cryptocurrency wallet for business, there are several important criteria to consider.

    • Security: a high level of encryption and multi-factor authentication should be built into the wallet structure to protect business assets from potential threats.

    • Ease of use: the interface should be intuitive for both business owners and customers. The simplicity of the payment process plays a crucial role in shaping a positive experience.

    • Support for different cryptocurrencies: integration with different types of digital assets expands flexibility and business opportunities.

    • Scalability: the wallet should be ready for business growth, ensuring efficient scaling as transaction volume increases.

    • Technical support: a reliable support team ensures prompt resolution of potential issues and reduces the risk of delays in operations.

    • Choosing the best cryptocurrency wallet for business is a strategic decision that can significantly affect competitiveness and resilience to changes in today's economic environment. Careful consideration of the criteria and features of each wallet becomes the key to successful implementation of digital technologies in everyday business practice.

    Types of cryptocurrency wallets

    Cryptocurrency wallets for businesses are categorized into hot and cold, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. The terms "hot" and "cold" in the cryptocurrency wallet world refer to the level of internet connectivity.


    Hot wallets are constantly online, providing instant access to cryptocurrency funds, but at a higher risk of cyberattacks. This type includes desktop, mobile and web wallet.


    Cold wallets remain offline, minimizing hacking threats and providing a higher level of security. The two main types include hardware (physical) and paper (printed keys).

    Cryptocastodial solutions

    In the world of cryptocurrencies, where security is a key element of successful asset management, cryptocastodial solutions are becoming an integral part of business strategies. Cryptocastodia is a service for storing and managing cryptocurrency assets using high security standards. These solutions are designed to protect against cyber threats and provide businesses with confidence in the security of their digital assets.

    How wallets are created

    The process of creating crypto wallets for businesses is not just about creating email addresses to store cryptocurrency, but a complex cryptographic procedure. Crypto keys, including public and private keys, are created using encryption algorithms. The public key is the address to receive funds, while the private key is the secret information needed to prove possession of funds. It is important to keep the private key secure to prevent unauthorized access.

    Pros and cons of accepting payments in cryptocurrency

    The following advantages of a cryptocurrency wallet for small businesses can be emphasized:

    • Cryptocurrency transactions are almost instantaneous, ensuring that businesses can accept payments quickly and efficiently. This is especially valuable in a global transaction and trading environment.

    • Cryptocurrency transactions are typically accompanied by significantly lower fees compared to traditional financial systems. This allows businesses to save on payment processing costs.

    • Cryptocurrency payments are available anywhere in the world, providing businesses with the ability to expand their customer base beyond geographical limitations.

    • The cryptography behind cryptocurrencies provides a high level of security for transactions. In addition, the ability to make anonymous payments can be an important factor for certain users.

    • The acceptance of cryptocurrencies can be a strategic move to attract a young and tech-savvy generation that is actively interested in digital assets.

    At the same time, it is also important to consider the disadvantages that crypto wallets have for businesses:

    • Cryptocurrencies are subject to significant volatility, which can create risks for businesses. The value of assets can change dramatically, affecting the value of payments received.

    • The lack of strict regulation in some jurisdictions can create uncertainty regarding the legal aspects of accepting cryptocurrency payments.

    • Introducing cryptocurrencies into business processes may require time and resources to train staff and provide support for customers who may be less familiar with the technology.

    • There are many different cryptocurrencies available, and choosing the right one for a business can be complicated. This can create complexities in accounting for and handling a variety of digital assets.

    Our offer

    Start your business with Not Boring Crypto Gate crypto wallet. It is designed specifically for businesses, providing extensive functionality for managing crypto payments and analyzing finances. With this wallet, businesses can generate detailed transaction reports, providing transparency and control over financial transactions. The analytics of payment instruments gives the ability to study conversions, transaction amounts, and crypto payment performance to optimize business processes.

    NBCGate provides flexibility in organizing the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments, allowing you to create and remove outlets as needed. User management becomes more efficient, allowing you to add and remove merchants with the necessary access rights. NBCgate's centralized product management creates a convenient place for efficient asset management.

    Among the benefits of Not Boring Crypto Gate crypto wallet for business, the following stand out:

    • Quick start - the ability to start accepting crypto payments just 24 hours after registration.

    • Currency risks (risks of cryptocurrency volatility) are excluded for entrepreneurs, as invoicing and receiving payment takes place in the businessman's usual local currency. At the same time, the client will be able to pay with any cryptocurrency he has.

    • The wallet provides a convenient withdrawal of funds to a bank account or bank card. 

    • Even without experience in crypto payments, it provides an intuitive interface, ensuring ease of use. 

    • The global service allows businesses to attract customers from all over the world, expanding their geographic reach. 

    • NBCGATE not only provides the means to accept crypto payments, but also the tools to effectively manage and optimize financial operations.

    Accepting cryptocurrency payments is a strategic decision that requires careful weighing of pros and cons, as well as choosing the best crypto wallets for businesses to ensure security and convenient processes.

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