Found a bug?


We strive to release only high-quality digital products so that our users can work in a safe, understandable, and well-thought-out system. But we can't always achieve perfection alone. Let's try to do it together!

If you have found a bug or vulnerability in NBCgate products, please let us know. For active participation and the most useful findings, we will generously reward you.

Please provide a detailed description of the problem you noticed and provide the following information:

  • which platform the error occurred on (IOS, Android, Web)
  • which page you found the problem on
  • what actions you took before you noticed the bug
  • what error occurred and what its consequences were
  • what browser and version you are using
  • perhaps some screenshots or screen recordings to visually demonstrate the problem

This will help the development team quickly and accurately identify and fix the problem.