Our Corporate Culture

We believe that the success of NBCgate depends on two components: our people and our culture. We believe that talented people who work in a strong corporate culture will deliver the best results.

We never compromise on talent. We only select, train, and retain the best and provide them with support. The dream team is always first priority. We are radically honest with each other about our work, even if it hurts, but we do it respectfully and without personal attacks. We don't care about looking good in front of each other, we care about achieving our common team goals.

We believe that almost everything is possible. We are always in launch mode, always building – this is a challenge for us. We exceed expectations, disrupt industries, reinvent and believe that there are no limits.

We aim for more than just doing things adequately. We uncompromisingly maintain the highest quality in everything we create. We continuously implement innovation and strive to raise standards in order to stay ahead of the curve.

We love creating excellent products. We enjoy pleasing our customers and turning the complexity of a chaotic world into the beauty of a simple solution that meets the needs of users.

We do not believe in the strategy of «let's quickly create a scattered product to test the market». More often than not, the reason for failures is not that the product does not fit the market, but its low quality. We create products that we love ourselves and that from the very beginning surpass the offerings of competitors.