NBCgate PayLink:

Accepting Cryptocurrency via Link

Send payment links to clients for cryptocurrency payments, even if your company doesn't have a website: via email, messenger, on social media.


Reach a new target audience in a couple of clicks

Very simple
Get a cryptopayment in two clicks: you only need to create and send a link to your client. Paylink requires no complicated setup and advanced entrepreneurial competencies
The money will reach your account within 90 seconds after payment
No risk of exchange rate fluctuations
You'll receive exactly what your product or service is worth, thanks to NBCgate's secured Stablecoins
We offer innovative solutions for our business customers, under the strict supervision of European regulators
No coders needed.
No need to hire a programmer with specialized skills to use our products

For business at any stage of development

Perfect for micro-businesses and startups
You can use Paylink without any additional investment, even if you are just starting to gain momentum and do not have a big budget. We understand: you have a lot of important tasks ahead of you right now. Focus on the development of your business, and we will take care of the acceptance of cryptopayments.
Ideal for social networking businesses and bloggers
Don't have a website? No problem for NBCgate! If you actively blog your company on Instagram or Facebook, you can drop off links to your customers to pay for your products and services directly on social media.
A new level of business development for progressive companies
With payment links you can expand the geography of your target audience and increase the average check by accepting crypto-payments from anywhere in the world.

Grow your business and trust us to accept payments

How does it work?

You create a payment link in the app or on the NBCgate portal

Send the link to the customer in any way you like: email, social media or messenger

The customer follows the link and pays the invoice in their preferred cryptocurrency

Funds are credited immediately to your NBCgate account in secured Stablecoins, eliminating the risk of currency fluctuations

Gain a competitive edge in your field of business with PayLink's easy pay link solution from NBCgate

Flower delivery
Help customers from other countries make their loved ones happy with a bouquet for the holidays by simplifying the cryptocurrency payment process. No account opening or maintenance fees and no additional hardware costs
Gift Shop
Accept cryptocurrency payments by sharing a link with your customers directly on Instagram, where you showcase photos and videos of your souvenirs and products. You don't even need to have a website for this, and there's no need to pay for opening and maintaining an account
Store mobile accessories
Become even more mobile: offer your customers to pay for accessories via payment link without wasting them and their time
Receive money from clients in cryptocurrency without spending a single euro to open and maintain an account

Popular questions

NBCgate Paylink is a tool designed to simplify the cryptopayment acceptance process.
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Paylink is suitable for a wide range of businesses that involve accepting cryptopayments from customers online. Online stores, marketplaces, charities, service providers, ticketing services, food delivery and other business segments are already successfully using NBCgate's Paylink to accept cryptocurrency payments.
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After creating a payment link in the Paylink product, the merchant needs to send the link in any convenient way to the client. By clicking on the link, the customer will be taken to a form where he can make a cryptopayment.
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By clicking on the payment link, the customer can pay with most popular cryptowallets including Metamask, Trust Wallet, Phantom, Exodus and others.
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It is possible to make a payment with most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Solana (Sol), Tezos and others.
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NBCgate Paylink ensures the security of crypto payments using modern encryption methods and compliance with data security standards.
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Yes, Paylink product is great for selling goods or services on social networks. First, you need to create a payment link on the NBCgate portal, then post it on a suitable social network or send it to your customer in messenger. Your customers will be able to click on this link and make payment for goods or services with any cryptocurrency.
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Yes, you can see all information about payments in the "Statistics" section of the Paylink product.
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One-time Paylink is a link through which it is possible to make a cryptopayment once.
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A NBCgate Paylink payment link can have either an unlimited validity period or a period set by the merchant when it was created.
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Other questions

Looking for an easy and swift way to accept cryptocurrency payments? Pay by link let you receive funds for your services, even if your company doesn't have its own website yet. You can share the link via Telegram, WhatsApp, or email, and also post it on your active social media channels.

What is pay by link?

The payment link includes all essential details regarding the order and invoice for payment. If you're still contemplating how to integrate pay by link, it's worth noting that this approach is viable even for startups and small businesses that haven't established their own website yet.

Pay by link helps reduce the number of steps required for the customer between deciding to buy a product and making the purchase. The buyer clicks on the link and sees a form with the amount, they just need to enter their details and pay for the product. We're confident the customer won't have any questions about how to pay by link. This method streamlines the process and helps quickly process orders.

Pay by link solutions

Pay by link services provide the option to generate payment links in two distinct formats:

  • Single-use links are intended to be sent to one buyer and used only once. Such a link can be applied individually for a pre-order made by one buyer. It's accessible to send it via email or personal messages in a messenger.

  • Universal links can be sent to multiple clients and used repeatedly. That's why these links are placed in posts or profile headers on social networks, as well as included in advertising mailings through various channels.

Pay by link system: advantages

Employing pay links improves customer engagement and utilizes various channels such as Instagram, email, and personal messaging applications. With this method, your buyers can easily invest into your services without having to navigate to an external website — just by clicking on the link. This enhances trust in your company and, consequently, increases sales conversion rates.

What is crypto pay by link?

In essence, it's a method of transaction facilitated by a link, enabling simple cryptocurrency transactions. As the number of bitcoin users continues to rise annually, adopting this modern payment method could serve as your competitive edge, potentially outperforming other players in your market niche.

How to pay crypto by link?

The entrepreneur signs up for the service, generates a pay link, and then forwards it to the buyer. The buyer clicks on the link and completes the payment through a form with an intuitive interface, allowing the firm owner to focus on developing their business rather than answering questions about how crypto pay by link works.

Crypto pay by link solutions

Can you apply pay by link if you already have a website? Yes, of course. You can place it as a button until you have a payment module or if you don't plan to connect one at all.

And what about crypto pay by link in a physical store? This approach is applicable to offline transactions too. Just transform the pay link to QR, allowing customers to easily pay for goods using their smartphones.

How to integrate crypto pay by link?

You can commence accepting transfers via pay by link in three simple steps:

  1. Sign up with the pay by link service. Expect to undergo a verification process, which may require some time, but will unlock new possibilities for you.

  2. Customize settings. Select the cryptocurrencies accepted for your goods, incorporate your company logo to generate an invoice for pay by link.

  3. Generate the link. Congratulations! You're now equipped to receive crypto transfers via pay by link with just a few clicks!

Our Offer: PayLink Product

At Not Boring CryptoGate, we offer customers a convenient crypto pay by link system called PayLink, suitable for businesses at any stage of development. Let's delve into the benefits of the NBCgate product.

PayLink Benefits

  1. Zero extra expenses. You can initiate the acceptance of crypto transactions through PayLink, even if you're in the early stages of developing startup and aren't contemplating substantial investments. This allows you to concentrate on establishing all business processes without being diverted by the intricacies of implementing crypto pay by link.

  2. An advantageous solution for bloggers and entrepreneurs on Facebook. Launching your website isn't a prerequisite for leveraging the payment via link service from NBCgate; having a blog on any social network is sufficient. Simply add the link to your profile header or incorporate it into your promotional posts.

  3. Expansion of geography. Accepting crypto transactions through links allows taking a new step in development not only for small businesses but also for large progressive companies that want to reach new audiences in different countries, regardless of all restrictions.

Simply generate a link within the NBCgate application, forward it to the client, and receive payments via pay by link in bitcoins. These payments will be deposited into your account in stablecoins, mitigating the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.

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