NBCgate PayForm:

Accepting cryptocurrency payments for your business

Display a payment form on your website and accept cryptocurrency payments from anywhere in the world: on your website, in your online store, on a landing page, on mini landing pages for social networks (Linktree, Beacons, SocProfile, and others).


They send crypto. You receive EUR or CZK

Erase restrictions
Receive bitcoins from your clients via payment form, regardless of world events
Be flexible
Allow customers to choose which cryptocurrency they feel more comfortable paying in
Scale up sales
Scale your sales by accepting cryptopayments through PayForm on your website. You'll always get the exact invoice amount in euros or CZK, even if the customer paid in bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency
Stay ahead of the curve
Introduce cryptopayments and gain a new target audience while your competitors are still just looking around

Digital Business. Instant payment in cryptocurrency

We offer innovative solutions for our business customers under the strict supervision of European regulators
The money will reach your account within 90 seconds after payment
No risk of exchange rate fluctuations
You'll receive exactly what your product or service is worth, thanks to NBCgate's secured Stablecoins
No coders needed.
No need to hire a programmer with specialized skills to use our products

Grow your business and trust us to accept payments

How does it work?

Create a payment form on the app or the NBCgate website

Add the payment form to your website, landing page or e-shop

Accept cryptocurrency payments from your customers

Funds are credited immediately to your NBCgate account in secured Stablecoins, eliminating the risk of currency fluctuations

Stay one step ahead of the competition in a variety of areas

Online School
Instantly accept tuition payments from students from different countries, regardless of differences in banking systems. No account opening or maintenance fees
Offer your customers a convenient early booking service for apartments on your website - they can easily send an advance payment in cryptocurrency, even if they are in another country. No account opening or maintenance fees, no costs for additional equipment and cash register tape
Pet Store
Take it to the next level by offering a modern way to pay in cryptocurrency and showing concern for your customers who care about their pets
Store for Adult Products
Help your customers stay incognito by paying with cryptocurrency for 18+ products directly in your online store. Send a check via email and don't spend extra money on programmer support

Popular questions

Payform is a tool from NBCgate that allows you to quickly and easily create customized payment forms to accept payments in a variety of cryptocurrencies and payment methods.
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NBCgate Payform supports a wide range of business segments! If your business is related to accepting payments from your customers, then Payform is the right product for you. Online stores, marketplaces, charities, service providers, ticketing services, food delivery and other business segments are already successfully using Payform from NBCgate to accept cryptocurrency payments.
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Yes, Payform is easy to integrate on your website with the provided code. Follow the instructions when creating a payment form in the NBCgate portal.
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Once integrated with your website or app, the PayForm payment form will allow you to accept payment for goods or services in cryptocurrency.
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With Payform, you can accept payment for goods or services on your website or mobile app in popular cryptocurrencies.
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Payform has a variety of cryptocurrencies available. Your customers will be able to pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, Litecoin, USDT, USDC and other cryptocurrencies.
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NBCgate Payform provides tools to analyze data, manage products, and create custom payment options.
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Payform secures cryptopayments using advanced encryption methods and adherence to data security standards.
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To get started with NBCgate Payform, register on our website and create your first form.
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You can track your cryptopayment history as well as create reports in your Payform account.
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Other questions

Cryptocurrency payments have become a real trend in the business sphere among representatives of large and small companies who want to accept payments online from their customers.

We present to you five companies that have already realized the benefits of accepting online crypto payment for personal business: PayPal, Amazon, KFC, Starbucks. And it's not some complicated procedure — paying with cryptocurrency has become easy and convenient with blockchain technology.

How do cryptocurrency payments work?

It's really quite simple: bitcoins or ethers are transferred from the buyer's wallet to the seller's wallet. Just like with traditional money, isn't it? The difference is that now you can accept payments online in modern digital currency.

To transfer cryptocurrency, you need to know the recipient's address, copy it without errors and send the required amount. To make this process easier for beginners, there are many crypto services today that help automate the process and accept crypto payments online in a matter of moments. Here's how it works:

  1. The customer wants to purchase your product and pay with cryptocurrency
  2. You open an account to accept bitcoin payments on your website through the chosen service
  3. The customer pays for the desired product with cryptocurrency
  4. The funds are deposited into your account

How to start accepting online crypto payment for personal business in Crypto

There are four main methods through which you can accept payments online. Let's delve into each of these methods in detail.

  1. Wallet-to-Wallet Transfer

    You provide your buyer with your wallet address, and he sends payment for your goods or services to that address. However, this isn't the most convenient method because the buyer needs to input the correct amount, wallet address and specify the correct network. Otherwise, the buyer won't be able to request a refund for the funds they sent to you.

  2. QR Code Payment

    In this case, your customer doesn't need to manually input the address to transfer cryptocurrency. They simply select the desired network, currency and generate a QR code through an application. This reduces the risk of making mistakes, making this option safer.

  3. Developing a Payment Module

    You can also accept online crypto payments without terminal by using a payment module. The customer visits your website, selects the desired cryptocurrency, receives the wallet address and transfers the required amount. This method is convenient for both parties but takes a long time and requires financial support. If errors occur during development, you risk losing funds.

  4. Crypto Processing

    This method involves a payment gateway for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. In simple terms, it's similar to acquiring in a bank. Payments are processed through the service, and special software algorithms handle them. As a result, you start to accept payments online almost instantly.

    The advantage of this method is the complete automation of transfers. It will be easier for customers to pay for your goods, and for you to track their payments. This option is ideal for accepting online payments for small business and large companies.

    In this scenario, the customer selects the desired item and cryptocurrency on your website. The service converts the cost and generates a wallet address so the buyer can send payment. Then, a message confirming the successful transaction is displayed, granting the customer access to the chosen item, and you gain the ability to accept payments online. Why should you accept crypto payments online?

Why is it beneficial for entrepreneurs to implement crypto payments today? The answer to this question lies in the following advantages of cryptocurrency payments.

Advantages of Crypto Payments

  1. Global Reach: You can serve customers from all over the world and accept payments online, regardless of the country they live in.

  2. Moreover, there's no need to convert bitcoins into local currency.

  3. Minimal Costs: Even if there's a network fee, it's not as significant as traditional bank transfers, usually not exceeding 1%.

  4. High Speed: Funds will be deposited into your account instantly and without intermediaries, eliminating the need to wait weeks for international bank transfers.

  5. Anonymity: Your customers can maintain confidentiality when paying with cryptocurrency, reducing the risk of fraud.

  6. Anytime Payments: The time when your customer wants to make a payment to you is not dependent on the bank's or any other organization's schedule.

  7. Simplicity: Today, you can accept payments online in cryptocurrency just a few clicks away thanks to user-friendly interfaces offered by modern services.

Our Offer — PayForm Product

Not Boring CryptoGate provides numerous digital solutions for entrepreneurs to accept online crypto payment for personal business. Let's delve deeper into one of NBCgate's convenient products — PayForm.

With this product, you can utilize a payment form that can be displayed on your company's website, as well as in an online store or on a landing page, to accept payments online from your customers.

Benefits of PayForm

  1. Absence of Volatility Risk: We use NBCgate stablecoins, allowing our customers to not worry about cryptocurrency price fluctuations.

  2. No Need to Hire a Programmer: You don't need special knowledge or skills to accept bitcoin payments on your website. We've developed an accessible interface for this purpose.

  3. Security: We comply with the law and offer you a licensed service to grow your business.

  4. Choice for the Customer: Not Boring CryptoGate offers various solutions to ensure the most convenient accepting online payments without terminal.

  5. Even within the use of one product, PayForm, you can offer your customers the choice of where to pay for the goods or services: on the website, landing page, or online store.

With PayForm from NBCgate, you can confidently dedicate your time to growing your business and communicating with customers, while we help you efficiently and securely accept payments online

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