Accept crypto payments with mPOS

Make it even more convenient for customers by offering them the option to pay for their purchases instantly with cryptocurrency via QR code, without the need for any additional equipment, right at your retail location.


Reach a new target audience in a couple of clicks

Apply even at the startup or micro-business stage
You can use mPOS without any investments, even if you're just starting to gain momentum and don't have a big budget. We understand: you have a lot of important tasks ahead of you right now. Concentrate on the development of your business, and we will take care of the cryptopayment acceptance
Use only smartphone
You don't need to install specialized equipment, spend money on a cash register and hire a programmer. Now you can send the client a check of the transaction by email. The only thing you need for this is your smartphone, which is always on hand
Accept cryptopayments at your grocery store, hotel, coffee shop or beauty salon
This will save your customers time - they won't need to look for a bitcoin ATM to exchange funds. After all, they can now pay for goods and services in cryptocurrency right in your establishment
Get paid by QR-code
Accept cryptocurrency through QR-code on your smartphone or POS-terminal in seconds
Become an innovative store
Upgrade your retail store with cryptopayments to attract new customers and increase sales

Grow your business and trust us to accept payments

How does it work?

We provide you with software that's easy to install on any smartphone, tablet or POS terminal

You specify the amount of payment

A QR code is automatically generated on your device

Your client scans the QR-code with the phone camera and pays in the convenient for him cryptocurrency

Funds are credited immediately to your NBCgate account in secured Stablecoins, eliminating the risk of currency fluctuations

Increase sales by accepting cryptocurrency payments directly at your establishment. Regardless of your line of business

Receive QR-code payment for your room in just 90 seconds with no additional hardware or programmer support costs
Coffee Shop
Help your customers feel modern by paying for a cup of coffee and pastries with bitcoins. No account opening and maintenance fees
Fitness Center
Nowadays you should not walk but run to keep up with the times. Our mPOS product can be a treadmill for you and your customers. Accept QR subscription payments and get ahead of the competition
The Barber Shop
Memorize and embody your customers' preferences not only in haircuts, but also in a modern way of paying for your services with cryptocurrencies. Accept your first cryptopayment in as little as 24 hours after signing up

Popular questions

NBCgate mPOS is a service that can be opened on any phone, tablet or computer, allowing to accept cryptopayments from clients.
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To accept a payment, the NBCgate mPOS product generates a QR code, which the client will scan with the help of his cryptowallet, then the client needs to confirm the transfer of funds.
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NBCgate mPOS product is perfect for businesses that have offline points of sale, such as clothing stores or jewelry stores, supermarkets or home appliances and electronics stores, grocery stores or fashion boutiques, outlets and restaurants, coffee shops and others.... Wherever the acceptance of payments from clients for goods or services is organized, you can use mPOS as an additional method of payment in cryptocurrency via QR code.
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NBCgate mPOS supports accepting payments in cryptocurrency.
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mPOS utilizes advanced encryption and security methods to protect cryptopayment data and customer information.
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To get started with mPOS, register with NBCgate, log into the mPOS product after successfully completing the questionnaire and, following the instructions, create your first "point of sale".
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Yes, mPOS supports operations with most popular cryptocurrencies, which is convenient for clients, as they do not need to pay with a particular cryptocurrency.
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Yes, NBCgate mPOS is suitable for making payments at events and offsite. All it requires is internet access.
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Yes, you can use the mPOS product in most popular browsers in computers or laptops running MacOS, Windows and Linux operating systems.
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NBCgate mPOS provides various types of reports, including sales reports, statistics, and transaction history.
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Other questions

The number of companies that accept crypto payments for business is increasing every month. As a result, they gain a competitive advantage over other entrepreneurs in their field and allow their customers to pay for goods and services using a modern method — cryptocurrency.

But each of these businesses chooses its own comfortable way to implement accepting crypto for business. One of them is a cryptocurrency point of sale (PoS) terminal.

What is a cryptocurrency point of sale?

It's a solution that allows customers to instantly make payment for your products with cryptocurrency directly at a physical point of sale using a smartphone. We suggest you consider accepting crypto payments as a business, because this method has numerous undeniable advantages:

  • Convenience: The invoice used for payment is created in just a couple of seconds.

  • Simplicity: No specialized infrastructure is required for PoS.

  • Security: Both the business accepting crypto and its customers are protected.

Why should you accept cryptocurrency in offline stores?

If you are developing your business not only online but also have physical points of sale or customer service, you should consider this method of accepting crypto for business. Here are just three reasons why it's beneficial:

  1. An advanced payment method. Progressive entrepreneurs prioritize the level of service. With the help of a cryptocurrency point of sale, you can expand the range of payment options. Businesses that accept crypto today are one step ahead of those companies that are limited to accepting payments through credit cards. While customers are already willing to pay for purchases with bitcoins, and this need is currently not fully satisfied. Start accepting crypto payments for business with a terminal and increase the list of available payment methods.

  2. Individual invoices. With the help of a terminal, a regular store can make its service as comfortable as possible for all customers. The seller will issue invoices individually for each customer, which will help to feel the uniqueness and personalize each purchase. Treat the accepting crypto as a business, developing it from different sides and seriously considering the prospects of using innovations.

  3. Complete anonymity and confidentiality. Admit it: you're not thrilled either when you pay for coffee and a doughnut with a card, and your personal data remains in the coffee shop's system? This is the downside of the traditional payment method, and on this, you can build your strategy for offering crypto payments. Now you can accept crypto payments for business via a terminal in your coffee shop and maintain the confidentiality of each guest.

How to start accepting crypto payments for business with mPOS from NBCgate?

With the Not Boring CryptoGate offering, you can become more convenient for your customers by allowing them to pay for goods right in your store. The mPos product simplifies accepting crypto payments for business. Let's discuss how it works and the advantages we see in using an mPOS terminal in your store.

NBCgate offers software that can be easily installed on any gadget. All you need to do is specify the required amount, and a QR code will be generated on your phone, which the customer will scan with their camera to pay with cryptocurrency.

Advantages of mPOS

  1. Only a smartphone is needed. There is no need to install additional equipment or pay for a programmer's work. You also won't need to buy cash register tape, as you can send the customer a payment receipt via email.

  2. High speed. You can make accepting crypto payments for business instantaneous: receive bitcoins via QR on your phone or POS terminal.

  3. Integration into any physical point of sale. You can accept crypto payments for business via mPOS in a restaurant, hotel, veterinary clinic, barbershop, or even a grocery store. This will save your customers' time and open up entirely new opportunities for you.

Start accepting crypto payments for business with Not Boring CryptoGate and multiply the prospects for yourself and your customers.

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