Sending crypto invoices in just a few clicks

Invoicing from NBCgate provides merchants with a convenient and efficient solution to quickly create invoices for payment in minutes. The intuitive interface allows even inexperienced users to easily learn the tool and get started invoicing as quickly as possible.



The product provides merchants with a user-friendly interface that makes the process of creating invoices intuitive and fast, even for users without specialized skills
Merchants can instantly create invoices for payment by adding the necessary information. This significantly speeds up the payment process and increases convenience for customers
The product provides merchants with the ability to customize invoices according to specific order terms, amounts or additional information
Customers can easily pay invoices with cryptocurrency by clicking a link or scanning a QR code. This provides a fast and convenient payment process
Merchants have access to the history of each account, allowing them to conveniently track payment status and payment history
All invoices are stored in one place, making it easy to manage payments. Invoices can be downloaded, emailed or sent via messenger


NBCgate Invoicing is a tool that simplifies and streamlines the payment management process for merchants. From customized invoice creation to instant payment by customers, the product provides complete transparency and convenience in the payment process. All of this contributes to improving service levels and optimizing merchant business processes.

Popular questions

NBCgate Invoicing is a tool for creating and sending professional invoices to your clients, as well as tracking payment status.
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NBCgate Invoicing supports a wide range of business segments! If your business is related to accepting cryptopayments from your customers, then Invoicing is the right product for you. Online stores, marketplaces, service providers, ticketing services, food delivery and other business segments are already successfully using NBCgate Invoicing to accept cryptocurrency payments.
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NBCgate Invoicing supports a wide range of currencies, making it convenient for international transactions.
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NBCgate Invoicing keeps your data secure by using advanced encryption methods and adhering to data security standards.
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To create an invoice, log in to your account, select "Create Invoice" and follow the on-screen instructions.
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You can create different types of accounts such as products, services, rentals, and more.
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Yes, NBCgate Invoicing provides a history of all invoices sent and their payment status.
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Yes, you can set payment due dates for invoices.
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NBCgate Invoicing provides the ability to create sales and income reports that can be exported for accounting processing.
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As a registered user of NBCgate, you can use the Invoicing product for free. Details can be found on our website.
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Other questions

The cryptocurrency market has been developing rapidly in recent years, not only for investors but also for entrepreneurs planning to accept payments from clients in cryptocurrency. However, businesses don't have a wide choice of convenient platforms to issue crypto invoice and process payments in cryptocurrency.

How to issue a crypto invoice for payment?

What is crypto acquiring?

Crypto acquiring is a method that allows accepting payments in cryptocurrency. It's a kind of alternative to traditional acquiring offered by banks and payment systems.

The only difference is that traditional acquiring involves payment in fiat currencies, while in this case, payment is made in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

How does crypto invoicing work?

Crypto invoicing in cryptocurrency helps to overcome existing restrictions and sanctions that hinder international transfers through banks. Crypto acquiring enables accepting payments on a website or app, depending on the service offered.

Advantages of invoice in crypto

  1. You expand your customer base geographically. You can accept payment from customers from different countries without converting foreign currencies.

  2. The customer cannot cancel the payment. If a buyer pays by card, they can cancel it through the bank. In this case, you risk losing the acquiring commission. With crypto invoices, the customer cannot cancel the transfer, and you won't incur losses.

  3. You can accept payments even if you're a freelancer. If you haven't officially registered as a legal entity and haven't opened a business account, the bank won't allow you to connect acquiring. Such restrictions don't apply to crypto invoices. This is especially convenient for freelancers who don't want to integrate crypto acquiring into a website or app — just use crypto invoicing. You don't need to provide the customer with data; just issue a cryptocurrency invoice for payment.

  4. You can use a crypto invoice immediately. Crypto acquiring involves fast setup — you don't need to wait several days for document verification by the bank.

  5. You avoid bank checks. Bank employees won't write or call you demanding invoices and receipts.

Our offer — Invoicing product

Not Boring CryptoGate allows its users to use various options for accepting crypto payments, including going from creating a cryptocurrency invoice for payment and sending it to receiving funds from the buyer and tracking the payment status in minutes. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of using the NBCgate Invoicing product.

Advantages of Invoicing

  1. Simplicity. You won't need a programmer's help: creating a cryptocurrency invoice and issuing a crypto invoice doesn't require special qualifications. You won't have to write code or spend a lot of time figuring it out — the interface is understandable even to those who have never worked with crypto invoices, and you can immediately start issuing a crypto invoice.

  2. Flexibility. With NBCgate Invoicing, you can customize the crypto invoice, having various order conditions and amounts.

  3. Control. You not only create and issue cryptocurrency invoices for payment but also gain the ability to control fund movements: track payment status and payment history.

  4. Transparency and security. All procedures are absolutely transparent, allowing you to optimize your company's business processes. Not Boring Crypto Gate uses effective encryption methods and ensures complete security.

  5. Centralized storage. All crypto invoices are stored centrally in one place, simplifying process management. You can download or email any crypto invoice.

Implementing the ready-made Invoicing solution from Not Boring CryptoGate will allow you to add a new item to your list of payment options, which is popular with customers. Creating and issuing a crypto invoice is easy, fast, and confident.


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